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28516051 628964460768230 5758560329402189687 o Our park is closed for a time over the winter, is there anything we can do to stop our lodge getting damaged by the weather while we’re away? Elveden Cottage Showground Sunset Sky Exterior WEB How does a park home differ to a traditional property? Anniversary Lounge1 How do I buy a park home? 1000457742.EXTRACTED PHOTO.13 I’m really interested in moving into a park home, but how do I go about searching for a park in the right location that suits my lifestyle? Omar welding prep What are the latest developments in park home manufacturing? Port Werburgh 2018 008 edited 1WEB I’m looking to sell my home and buy on a park, but I don’t really understand how a park home differs to a traditional property? Dansampleroom2.jpg WEB I’m interested in buying a new park home as I like the idea of being able to specify exactly what I want but I’m not sure how it all works? IMG 4463bWEB With all the advances in technology, I was interested to find out what the next big thing to be seen in park homes is likely to be? Omar OPDSWEB I’m interested in putting a park home on my own land as living accommodation for an elderly relative, do I need planning permission? Ashbourne Exterior Image Final Small Do I need to use a solicitor and surveyor when buying a previously occupied park home? iStock 1032636258.jpg WEB Who is responsible for the large oak tree in my garden? Omar Work in progress Should I pay cash in hand for work to be carried out on my park home? 2D0A5485WEB I’m considering buying a park home, are they warm enough / economical to keep warm through the winter months? IMG 0339 I recently looked under my park home and noticed that the wheels had been removed – does this mean that my home is no longer mobile and therefore illegal? 35227930 645720082435771 1795710901446246400 n.jpg WEB Why do Park homes cost different prices around the country? 36787826 1809772012436242 441911117820723200 n Why do I have to pay pitch fee, is it going to increase each year and what is RPI? Warren Park Laird Estates 18.jpg WEB The park I live on wants to set up a residents association, what is the right way of doing this? iStock 838096824.jpg WEB What’s a Written Statement and why is it important? Anniversary Master Bedroom1 What does “Turnkey” price mean when buying a park home? Omar Ikon Door Handle Cameo WEB I’ve been living in my new park home for just over a year and have noticed the internal doors catch or don’t close properly, is there a problem with my home? iStock 479319301.jpg WEB Is it possible to have solar panels added to the roof of my park home? iStock 853793918.jpg WEB I’ve noticed areas of damp and mould in my park home, what can I do to prevent this? Omar Tudor Lounge 6 .jpg WEB The owner of the park I live on wants to move my residential park home, can they do this? 044bWEB1 My Park Home is starting to look a bit tired and dated, can it be refurbished and how do I go about doing it?

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