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Do I need to use a solicitor and surveyor when buying a previously occupied park home?

The answer to the question is no! However OPDS strongly recommend you use both when buying a previously occupied park home.

As the park home is a chattel and not a dwelling, the home is not registered with the Land Registry, so no deed of title needs to change hands. We do recommend a solicitor take a look at the contracts and paperwork when buying a previously occupied park home.

Using a solicitor

Although using professionals such as solicitors and surveyors is not compulsory for park home transactions, both the Government and OPDS recommend that, as with any property transaction, it is always advisable for buyers and sellers to seek their own specialist independent advice before deciding whether or not to proceed. This can highlight any potential problems at an early stage as well as providing peace of mind to both sides.

Surveying the park home

For second-hand homes it is always best to order a survey report from a specialist park home surveyor. A surveyor will check the home in its entirety including the interior, exterior and chassis system, provide details on any potential issues and may offer advice on how to resolve them.

Note: If any park owner or seller of a home objects to you using a solicitor and surveyor, claims you are wasting your money or that they are not needed; our advice would be to walk away from the purchase. Any good park owner or seller would not object to this, unless there is something to hide!

Would you purchase a high value car without having it checked over?  Don’t take the risk with park homes, always have a previously occupied home surveyed and use a solicitor to manage the purchase procedure on your behalf.

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