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I recently looked under my park home and noticed that the wheels had been removed – does this mean that my home is no longer mobile and therefore illegal?

No, your home is not illegal. Park (or mobile) homes are constructed on a steel chassis with wheels. Wheels allow the home to be moved during the manufacturing process and for transportation. However, park homes don’t have to have wheels -once the home is sited the wheels can be removed.

A park home refers to any building that has been designed and constructed to be transportable by road in one or two sections. Once assembled you must be able to move the building around site and the structure must also remain divisible for road transport.

There are two distinct types of park home, single units and twin-units. Single units are generally no wider than 14ft, allowing them to be transported in one complete section. Twin-units are transported in two halves which are then bolted together on-site.

When sited, your home is supported by strategically placed jacks, which lift the wheels off of the ground. Many siting companies will remove the wheels and use them again to reduce wastage and costs.

A brick or stone skirt is then installed around the home; this is for aesthetic purposes only.  Although the home may appear to sit on the skirt, it is actually fully supported and secured by the jacks. It is worth noting that an air gap should always be left between the skirt and the home structure to aid air circulation.

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