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I’m considering buying a park home, are they warm enough / economical to keep warm through the winter months?

Modern park homes (and also many lodges) are built to British residential standard BS 3632. In 2005 BS 3632 was updated to be more in-line with conventional forms of housing and to ensure that park homes were suitable for permanent residential use and in November 2015 the standard was again updated.  The new standard, BS 3632:2015, continues to build on the principles of the 2005 standard, but with a main focus to improve energy efficiency.

Park homes built to the new BS 3632 residential standard benefit from improved insulation, have higher minimum maintainable room temperatures, and glazing to windows and doors is now required to achieve better U-values. All these factors come together to mean that less heat is lost and homeowners benefit from savings on heating their homes. BS 3632 homes manufactured by NCC members are also required to be issued with an Energy Efficiency Calculation, so you will know exactly how energy efficient your home is!

It’s not just energy efficiency that homes built to BS 3632:2015 benefit from, they also are designed and built with stronger chassis, better airflow (resulting in cleaner air), include low energy lighting and more rigorous sound reduction testing is now required (meaning a quieter environment).

All of these improvements mean you will be warm and cosy throughout the winter in your BS 3632 home, even through the harshest of winters!

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