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Is it possible to have solar panels added to the roof of my park home?

Solar photovoltaic panels are one of the most frequently used energy saving systems as they can installed without encroaching on, what can be, limited ground space. Solar panels can reduce your monthly energy bills (after all initial costs have been met), giving you the flexibility to either use the energy produced yourself or export the excess back to your energy provider.

The initial cost of installing solar panels can be fairly high, although there are some UK Government supported schemes that encourage the adoption of solar panels as renewable energy sources. The installation of the solar panel systems needs to be carried out by a reputable company that are willing to find you the best make and model to suit your needs and individual energy requirements.

Any older homes need to be audited by the installation company to make sure roof joists are strong enough to carry any additional weight or to identify if the joists require strengthening or additional joists adding. It is easier to do this whilst homes and lodges are under construction in the factory, as this way allowances can be made for any equipment and wiring that may be required. If you would like to consider adding solar panels to your home or luxury lodge it is worth mentioning this in your initial meetings with your manufacturer.


When you are purchasing a plot on park it is also worth considering the orientation that the home is going to be sited at so you are able to maximize the amount of energy you collect. If your park home or lodge is sited on a park it is always best to seek permission from your site owner before the systems are fitted.  If your home or lodge is sited on your own land it is advisable to consult your local planning department before starting installation and again look at positioning your home or lodge to maximize the benefits.

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