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I’ve been living in my new park home for just over a year and have noticed the internal doors catch or don’t close properly, is there a problem with my home?

There’s nothing to worry about. As park homes are constructed from timber, there will be a certain degree of movement and joints and fixings can take a while to settle. The majority of park homes will have this happen to a certain degree at some point.

During transport, homes are moved on a lorry, often across uneven surfaces and they may be lifted and lowered onto a base; these factors combined will mean the home will experience movement. Because of this, over time, as the home settles, you may experience internal doors catching and/or swinging open. Hinges on wardrobe and kitchen unit doors usually have an adjustment screw so this can easily be rectified without anyone coming out.

You may also find a slight amount of movement over time due to a newly laid concrete base hardening. This can be rectified by the axle stands underneath the home being readjusted. It is worth noting that homes sited on gravel surfaces are more prone to this movement as the base provides less rigidity.

When a park home is sited the wheels need to either be removed or jacked so that they are not in contact with the ground surface. Although unusual, on occasion this can be over-looked and over a period of time the wheel will lose air. In this situation the home may lean which will cause it to move a little and the doors may have issues closing. Again, this is easily rectified by adjusting the axel stands.

We always advise that you keep the transport and siting company’s details for your home so it can be re-adjusted if needed – this should be a straightforward procedure.

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