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Our park is closed for a time over the winter, is there anything we can do to stop our lodge getting damaged by the weather while we’re away?

With British winters seemingly getting harsher, it’s worth taking some precautions to protect your lodge over the colder months; this could save you money on repair bills come the spring.

Some tasks can be undertaken by yourself and cost very little, such as clearing leaves and moss from drains, guttering and from around your lodge - it may be worth fitting a simple removable cover to drains to help keep them clear. For outside taps and hosepipes, disconnect, drain the pipes and store away - it may also be worth fitting an outside tap protector to stop them freezing up.

If you are able to leave the heating on a low constant temperature of around 5°C; this is the easiest way to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures. Maintaining airflow is also important as this will help to keep the lodge at a balanced temperature and reduce the chance of mildew and mould forming. Leaving trickle vents open above doors and windows will help with this.

If you have to turn the heating off, turn the water supply off at the stopcock too. Also remember to drain any residual water from the radiator system, toilet cisterns, basins and shower bars - standing water will freeze even inside if the temperature drops low enough. If you are unable to do this yourself, ask your park maintenance team for help. If your lodge is an older model, it might also be worth asking them to have a look at the service valves underneath the lodge as these can get stuck open. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

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