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Should I pay cash in hand for work to be carried out on my park home?

Getting in tradesmen to carry out work on your home can be expensive, and although it can be tempting to go with a cheap quote, it’s always worth being cautious, especially if you’re considering hiring tradesmen who knock on your door offering low prices for cash in hand.

If a tradesman asks for a job to be paid cash in hand, it may mean that they’re trying to avoid the tax system. Whilst it is the tradespersons’ responsibility for declaring any cash paid work to HMRC, it could potentially be argued, although difficult to prove, that you were aiding and abetting a crime.

If at all possible, it’s worth asking friends and neighbours for recommendations, or finding a locally trusted tradesperson with a good reputation.

If you’re unable to get someone on recommendation, it pays to compare quotes and find out as much information as possible about the individual or company you decide to go with, prior to commencing any work. This includes searching for online reviews, asking about payment methods, checking to see if they are fully insured and asking if they are VAT registered and whether VAT would be added to the final bill.

It’s also important to always ask for a receipt; without evidence of services provided and amounts paid, you could be put in a vulnerable position in the event of any poor workmanship.

For peace of mind, always make sure that anyone completing any work to your home is from a reputable company, is VAT registered, fully insured and they are able to provide a receipt for any work carried out.

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