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The owner of the park I live on wants to move my residential park home, can they do this?

Yes a park owner can move your home but this must be with your permission. In all cases, the new pitch should be similar to the one you currently occupy and the site owner should offer to cover all expenses incurred in connection with the move, such as the cost of transporting the home and any reconnection charges.

It may be necessary to move your home to make way for new services or new homes, if this is the case the park owner may be prepared to compensate you, whether this is financially, with an offer of a larger plot or with a new fence or new driveway, it could turn out to be a good thing for both parties! If emergency or essential works are needed to the site, the park owner may ask to move your home temporarily so that the necessary repairs can be completed. If you are being moved so that the owner can replace or carry out repairs to your base, you have the right to insist on your home being returned to the original pitch on completion of the work.

It is beneficial for both home and park owners to keep an open, friendly dialogue. Speaking openly and honestly means that many issues can be resolved without causing too much upset and anguish.

It is worth remembering that a park owner is required by law to give you a copy of the written statement 28 days before you commit to purchase. This important document, which is between the park and you the homeowner, sets out the terms in which you will be entitled to keep your park home on the park and should be referred to in circumstances such as this. As with all matters of this nature, we strongly advise that you seek professional advice and that you receive and understand the written statement before your purchase.

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