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The park I live on wants to set up a residents association, what is the right way of doing this?

Residents associations bring together like-minded people who work together to represent the interests of residents on a park. A residents association can operate in a number of ways including consulting with the park owner about issues that affect the residents and arranging social activities.

Some park owners may have reservations about residents associations but in my experience structured meetings can be beneficial to the park owner as it gives them the opportunity to present their thoughts and aspirations in an effective manner. This has been proven a number of times with the parks I have worked with. Meetings give both sides the chance to meet, voice their views and resolve park disputes; this in turn can help to create a great working relationship between owners, park managers and residents.

Here are some guidelines to consider when setting up a Qualifying Residents’ Association (a Qualifying Residents Association or QRA is one that is recognised by the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and gives residents certain rights):

  • The park owner will need to acknowledge the association.
  • Membership of the association must be open to all residents who own a mobile home on the park and include at least half of the homeowners.
  • An association can only be available for those who have purchased on the park; residents who rent their homes will be unable to join.
  • The association is required to elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer who can make administrative decisions; members should vote on all other decisions.
  • Certain documents and records will need to be kept including a current list of all members, rules of the association and a copy of the minutes from each meeting. 

A good source of additional information on residents associations is; https://www.gov.uk/park-mobile-homes/residents-associations         

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