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I remember when park homes were basic structures and a world apart from today's beautiful, well-insulated homes. With all the advances in technology, I was interested to find out what the next big thing to be seen in park homes is likely to be?

Over the next few years I believe we will see many new innovations in the area of increased insulation; helping owners to reduce running costs whilst creating a more environmentally friendly home.  Here are a few examples of technologies that are likely to be seen in park homes in the near future.

Nano TechnologyPaint 

It sounds like it’s come straight out of a sci-fi movie, and if I hadn’t have seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it! As the name suggests, technicians have suspended particles as small as a nanometre (one billionth of a metre) within a latex solution; these tiny particles trap heat. As strange as it may sound, manufacturers claim that only two coats of this insulating paint can mirror the effects of traditional insulation. 

Thermodynamic Heating Systems

Absorbs heat from the atmosphere to convert a refrigerant into a gas. The gas then passes through a compressor which boosts its temperature and is then used to heat water in well-insulated tanks; the water can be used for heating your home and hot water. Although heating and recovery times are impressive, running costs are still to be proven; it does seem likely though that this new technology will take off.

Concrete-less bases

Thanks to new technology, the time-consuming process of laying concrete basis may become a thing of the past. Ground Screws, a new innovation in the UK, offers a fast and easy alternative to a concrete base, with minimum impact to the landscape and no excavation, concrete, wet trades or landfill; it’s also safe and comes at a relatively low cost.

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