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Who is responsible for the large oak tree in my garden?

Large trees planted by the park owner, or in place before the home was sited, are generally the park owners responsibility to maintain.  Trees and shrubs planted by the homeowner or a previous homeowner tend to fall under the responsibility of the resident. As a rule of thumb, if the tree is older than the home, the site owner is responsible for the maintenance.

Park owners generally cover plot maintenance for new park homes for the first 12 months. If your drive should start to deteriorate or your newly turfed garden sink for example, the park owner should make good (depending on your individual agreement with them). The same applies to maintenance of trees already in place before your home was sited.

If you purchase a previously owned park home, the plot maintenance from day one is the homeowners; no responsibility falls upon the park owner.

It is important to remember, regardless of whether your park home is old or new, if the concrete base beneath your home cracks to an extent that it is causing issues within the home, then it is the responsibility of the park owner to rectify.  Do bear in mind however that small cracks and even gaps in concrete are not unusual; if they are not causing a problem to your home structurally, they need not be worried about.

A final note on Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). Enforced by the local council, any tree covered by a TPO is protected and the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage and wilful destruction is prohibited. Always ensure you have permission for any work to be carried out on a tree covered by a TPO as the fines can be substantial.

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